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Moving energy made smart

Intelligent smart plastics as active shapers of smart factories

As a manufacturer and supplier of plastic components such as energy chains, cables and bearings, igus is also going through a digital development process and is increasingly orienting its products towards use in smart factories. The aim is to make the maintenance and repair of its plastics more efficient and cost-effective. Thanks to the newly developed isense products from igus, maintenance and repair are not only being focused on more intensively in industrial production; they also profit from digitisation and its advantages as do all other areas of production.

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • cLong service life
  • Increase equipment efficiency
  • Save time – faster detection of the reasons for
  • anomalies
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Many Industry 4.0 components available from stock
Typical application areas: wherever predictive maintenance is required.

More efficient. More economical. Smart. Industry 4.0.


igus sensors for e-chains

The data concentrator (icom)

icom data concentrator  
The following sensors become especially effective when linked to the icom module

Compresses all sensor data for cost-effective IoT transmission to the igus server.

Sensors for e-chain movement and abrasion

Sensors for e-chain® movement and abrasion  

EC. M: With measured values of acceleration, speed and temperature, a precise service life prediction for the actual operating conditions is possible.
EC. W: Enables the entire system to "learn" through detection of a defined amount of wear in per cent, thus enabling adaptation of the service life statements to the real operating conditions.

Sensor for glide bar wear

Sensor for glide bar wear  

EC. T: The sensor measures the wear of the glide bar in long-lasting applications and reports the status to the icom module.

Non-contact measurement of e-chain wear

Non-contact measurement of e-chain® wear  

EC. I: Contactless measurement of the wear in the pin and bore connection for maintenance planning. Connects to the icom modules.

e-chains breakage detection

e-chains® breakage detection  

EC.B: The sensor detects a chain breakage at its initial stage and shuts down the system before an expensive system breakdown.

Breakage detection for two e-chains

Breakage detection for two e-chains®  

For opposing or very long travel chains two sensors detect chain breakage in the initial stage and report to a common hat rail module.

Sensor for position-sensitive push/pull force measurement in e-chains

Sensor for position-sensitive push/pull force measurement in e-chains  

EC. PP: In the case of very long sliding applications, the EC. PP transmits defined position information in order to measure the push and pull forces in relation to the position with EC. P.

Push/pull force monitoring

Push/pull force monitoring  

EC. P: For 14 years, the measurement of push/pull forces has been preventing chain breakage and unplanned downtimes in the case of cranes equipped with e-chain systems all around the world.

igus sensors for chainflex cables

Sensor for the chainflex cable service life

Sensor for the chainflex cable service life  

CF.Q: Detects an impending cable failure by measuring the electrical properties of a chainflex cable during operation.

Sensor for measuring tensile forces acting on cables

Sensor for measuring tensile forces acting on cables  

CF.P: Detects increased tensile forces acting on cables in e-chain systems and informs the customer in good time or shuts down the system.

Sensor for measuring the transmission quality of Ethernet bus cables

Sensor for measuring the transmission quality of Ethernet bus cables

CF.D: Detects impending cable failure by measuring packet loss. Alarm given by means of LED, NC contact, network. No extra measuring cores necessary.


igus sensors dry-tech bearing technology

Wear sensor for drylin T linear systems

Wear sensor for drylin T linear systems  

DLT.W: Gives timely replacement recommendations for the sliding elements in drylin T carriages.

Wear measurer for iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings

Wear measurer for iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings  

Gives timely replacement recommendations for the sliding elements in iglidur slewing ring bearings.

Wear measurement for sliding elements in drylin W linear systems

Wear measurement for sliding elements in drylin® W linear systems  

DLW.W: The drylin DLW.W sensor reports the wear of the sliding elements in drylin W linear systems.

Wear measurement integrated in plain bearing (isense plain bearing)

isense plain bearings  

The new isense plain bearing sensor reports the wear of the plain bearing and enables the replacement before a possible failure of the system.

Integration into your own infrastructure


isense stand-alone system  
Keep production free of problems "the easy way"

Easily integrated by a machine programmer

Sensors (EC.B breakage, CF.Q - cable monitoring) on e-chains and cables acquire the measured values

The machinery can be switched off in two ways: directly by means of the normally closed (NC) contact switch or through evaluation via an I/O interface on the customer's PLC

Customers can arrange for the data to be sent to them via a serial interface (RS2322/UART) so that they can evaluate the data themselves

isense offline

isense offline system  
Keep track of things at all times in large halls

An additional industrial PC is required to display all messages via the customer‘s intranet.

No connection to the Internet therefore no comparison of the maintenance recommendations with an online database

Manual update of service life information through comparison with the igus database necessary. Good overview on the industrial PC: all impending failures in the production environment are displayed

Ideal for production managers and shift supervisors who are interested in facilitating smooth day-to-day work in component manufacturing or service provision and want to efficiently deploy their maintenance technicians

Quickly and easily installed lean software solution

All messages are displayed on an additional industrial PC

isense integration

isense integration system  
Early ordering of replacement parts thanks to connection to ERP

Wide variety of topologies and standards (Profinet, Ethernet, EtherKat, CC-Link IE), OPC-UA, MQTT

Integration into the existing software environment and the intranet

Large number of protocols such as OPC-UA or MQTT

Integration into the customer‘s production visualisation software

Operating states of the different igus components at a click of the mouse and at a glance

Ordering of replacement parts via a connected ERP system

Connection to control software via customer's infrastructure (Ethernet, Profinet, CC-Link etc.)

Shutdown of the machine or acoustic or visual warnings

isense online

isense online system  
Smart production: Solution comes with the problem

Use the best method to plan servicing work and only do the work that is really necessary

Efficient maintenance organisation according to priority and, thanks to integration into the ERP, with appropriate replacement parts from stock provided after the sensor alert

Predictive and plannable servicing work due to early information on required maintenance or replacement

Data from the igus laboratory is processed on a server with the anonymised customer data and also with open data of other customer applications in order to produce a data model

Service life predictions from the protected customer area are regularly compared with the data model

Benefits from millions of test data in the igus database and keeps on learning every day

Application examples of our customers

smart plastics in use at an Austrian automotive supplier

This factory in Steyr is the biggest and most important engine factory of a car manufacturer. On average, an engine comes off the assembly line every 14 seconds - in peak periods, more than 6,000 engines are produced every working day. This output can only be achieved using a high degree of automation with reliable components. Companies therefore rely on smart plastics from igus in order to avoid unforeseen failures and machine shutdowns.

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smart plastics in use  
Daily maintenance recommendation with isense  

Daily maintenance recommendations

Online status monitoring from anywhere in the world - day to day maintenance recommendations

In addition to the maintenance recommendation alerts, all measured sensor values can be displayed with history on a detailed page. In this way, exceptional operating conditions or creeping mechanical changes can be detected early on and corresponding measures initiated in good time.

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